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Helenvale Street

Helenvale Street is a street in South East Glasgow with a small number of businesses.


Calton Parkhead Church

Calton Parkhead Church is a meeting place for members of the Christian religion.

Address: 142 Helenvale Street, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, G31 4NA

Hiwaar Organisation

Documentary producers. Human rights campaigns organisers.

Address: 160 Helenvale Street, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, G31 4LU

Parkhead Housing Association Ltd

Parkhead Housing Association Ltd is a housing association providing a range of low cost social housing to people needing needing somewhere to live.

Address: 40 Helenvale Street, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, G31 4TF

Rab Haws Kitchens

Rab Haws Kitchens is a take away outlet which serves a varied selection of food and drinks.

Address: 119 Helenvale Street, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, G31 4ND

Reviews of Establishments on Helenvale Street

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Rolls of Delight - review of Rab Haws Kitchens by Billy Wood. Hillside

The best rolls n sauge / egg / bacon in the east end. Just mind your Zantac as normal after eating this type food. Not the best for cholestoral levels like most take away... More »

Whats happened to Parkhead Housing Association? - review of Parkhead Housing Association by Anonymous

Does anyone know whats happened to Parkhead Housing Association and how you are supposed to contact them now? Their phone numbers advertised on their websites are 0141 556 6226 & 0141 551 5141 but... More »

Telephone manner! - review of Parkhead Housing Association by Annon

Today i called Parkhead Housing Association, and was left quite unpleased with the outcome of the phonecall, I must add any time i have been in contact with them in the past they... More »


Map showing Helenvale Street in Glasgow.