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Think Glasgow cuisine and you're no longer just thinking Indian food. As befits this lively, cosmopolitan city, there is a veritable feast of the fine, fun and pleasurable in eating and drinking, whatever your taste.

Join the beautiful people in The Merchant City and the world's your oyster. You could be going sizzling hot at Mexican at Pancho Villas' or whisked off for a Mongolian barbecue at Kublai Khan. Or it could be goulash and vodka at Oblomov's in Great Western Road.

Still in the Merchant City, if you want to find some real Scottish fare, look no further than Rab Ha's hotel or Scottische. There's no shortage of fashionable bars: for example, Bargo for the young and super cool; Bacchus and Bar 91 for a more relaxed ambience; Corinthian and Arta for the slightly older sophisticats.

The city centre not surprisingly has the biggest selection of eateries available with cuisines ranging from Indian to Chinese, French to Italian. For curry and good music try Bombay Blues or Kama Sutra to put some zing into your balti. If you're a fan of Italian food, it's almost a Little Italy, Fratelli Sarti and Rico's are just two of the many, excellent Italian restaurants on offer. For seafood, Rogano is a top of the range choice which is hard to beat, especially if someone else is picking up the tab.

One of the liveliest areas for eating and drinking is the West End, particularly around Byrnes Road and Ashton Lane, a veritable pub 'golden mile' where in the summertime crowds of people spill into the streets, talking, laughing, eating and drinking.

For eating in the 'wee sma' hours, your best option is around Charing Cross on either side of the motorway which separates the city centre from the west end.

We have listings for the majority of Glasgow restaurants in the restaurants section of our local guide. You can read and write reviews of local restaurants to share your opinions of local places.

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