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Greens Road

Greens Road is a road on North East the outskirts of Glasgow and is mainly residential.


Farmfoods Ltd

Farmfoods Ltd is a Scottish supermarket chain which specialises in frozen food but also sells grocery items. Stores are spread around Scotland and the rest of the UK.

Address: Head Office, 7 Greens Road, Cumbernauld, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, G67 2TU

Reviews of Establishments on Greens Road

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Discontinued brands - review of Farmfoods by Anonymous

Why is it that farmfoods discontinue foods that are popular very disappointed use my local farmfoods everyday and have found many of my favourite foods discontinued ie Morning coffee biscuit Mccains small baked potatoes in... More »

Shop closed at 6pm not 10 mins early and waiting at the door to close - review of Farmfoods by Anonymous

On Saturday i went to Farmfoods Norwich at 5.50 the sign on the door said 'Close 6pm'. The time I finished work and got there was 5.50. Assuming that I had less than 10... More »

Far foods cash n carry - review of Farmfoods by Uhhelpful

Farmfoods is being used as a cash n carry there should be a restriction on how many items you can buy if you have a shop you can save money and go... More »

Fantastic service - review of Farmfoods by Anonymous

Blackpool store excelled themselves again the staff are so friendly and helpful everytime we visit, been today and another assistant helped pack as my little one was being mischeivious today it was... More »

To Mr Alan Henderson - review of Farmfoods by To Henderson

I am stunned you dont think shop owners should be allowed to buy in bulk at Farmfoods, I read your review and just thought how selfish. People are trying to earn a living,... More »

Plus/Minus. - review of Farmfoods by Regular Shopper.

As a regular farmfoods shopper,I am pleased to see more of Aunt Bessies products appearing,I know the company makes many products and they are hard to find. On the minus side,today I spent £90... More »

Basa fish - review of Farmfoods by Linda kipps

Basa fish this is delicious but have been unable to purchase in the Grays branch. staff say it has been discontinued but please, please bring it back! lin, grays, essex... More »

Victoria Road. - review of Farmfoods by J. Hamilton

Hi could you explain when your flyer came through the letter box yesterday it had Richmond Thick Sausage 50% extra free. Now the victoria rd. shop has not had any since it was... More »

The baljaffray boys - review of Farmfoods by June McDonald

Can I just say that the shop in baljaffray, bearsden is a pleasure to be in. The boys Colin, Barry and David are helpful and I enjoy a banter with them, even when... More »

Battered black pud in England please. - review of Farmfoods by Lorna

I would realy be happy to see battered black pudding in your chelmsford farmfoods branch as i enjoyed it when i was in scotland from your farmfoods there and have been hoping to... More »

Good People in Carfin shop - review of Farmfoods by John Bullmer

Hi I was in your Carfin shop the other day and I must say the lady Susan or Sandra was her name was a great help in what I was looking for and... More »

Bread - review of Farmfoods by Anonymous

The vast majority of people will need more than two loaves and at 1.50 for two it is good value! at my local store it is two for one pound. in response to customers complaint... More »

Buy one freeze one - review of Farmfoods by Anonymous

You could always buy two loaves and freeze one if you have room in your freezer.it will save money in the long run... More »

To Mr Alan Henderson - review of Farmfoods by J TRAVERS

I have just done some shopping at our local FARM FOODS store and was very surprised to see a shop owner purchase several loaves of bread and 16 large bottles of milk to... More »

S****horpe brilliant shop and excellent staff - review of Farmfoods by Kate

I have been a regular and happy shopper of the s****horpe store since they opened december 04 the staff and management are so helpfull and will do anything to help i was in... More »

Bread prices - review of Farmfoods by Barbara Fairweather

Being a pensioner I think it's disgusting that they charge £1.25 for one loaf and it is only £1.50 for two.How many people need two loaves? Why not sell it at 75p per... More »

Great value - review of Farmfoods by Disgruntled

Id just like to say farmfoods is great value and cheaper than most supermarkets.u can get nearly all your shopping (apart from fruit in my local branch)which is fantastic .however the staff leave... More »


Map showing Greens Road in Glasgow.