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Stockiemuir Road

There are a number of places called "Stockiemuir Road" in Glasgow. Stockiemuir Road, Bearsden, Stockiemuir Road, Blanefield and Stockiemuir Road, Croftamie


Bearsden Ski Club

Bearsden Ski Club is a social club offering a venue for various gatherings and social events in the local area.

Address: The Mound, Stockiemuir Road, Bearsden, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, G61 3RS

Stockiemuir Service Station

Stockiemuir Service Station is a petrol filling station which provides various refuelling and other facilities for cars and drivers.

Address: Stockiemuir Road, Bearsden, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, G61 3SE

Reviews of Establishments on Stockiemuir Road

Find out what people are saying about places on Stockiemuir Road.

On the up - review of Carbeth Inn by Shirley

The carbeth inn is now back to the way it used to be , great food . Coal fire and friendly staff . Come along on a Saturday for live music and a... More »

Trip Advisor Says Differently - review of Carbeth Inn by Martin

Following a recent visit to the Inn to see if the "100%" improvement in the service claim made by the biker below was accurate, I'm afraid that I agree with the many... More »

Closed for christmas? - review of Carbeth Inn by Ally 5acres

All seemed to be going well but has now closed the owner and staff were very nice and i amsad to see them go lets hope for a good new year!... More »

Martin ha ha ha the eho did shut him down - review of Carbeth Inn by No angel(bob)

I am a regular biker who stops off at the carbeth inn and yes the food has taken a dramatic leap up in my estimations, it has become somewhere i will eat again... More »

Old charm - review of Carbeth Inn by William montgomery

We went for lunch to-day 29/8/2011,great menu but we found it very dark when we entered.the meal was great good service and the staff were very polite.we would go back again any... More »

Fantastic Pub, Great Atmosphere - review of Carbeth Inn by Ian M

I don't know which pub the previous reviewer went to, but it sure doesn't sound like the Carbeth. I can only surmise it is a disgruntled employee or somesuch as I go to the... More »

Absolutely great stop off!!! - review of Carbeth Inn by E Rogers

In past years, I regularly visited the Carbeth Inn and although I enjoyed eating there, I couldn't help but know that there were many improvements to be made. The new and improved Carbeth... More »

Carbeth Has Lost Its Charm - Bring back Graham! - review of Carbeth Inn by Martin Muir

I have been a regular visitor to the Carbeth for many years now and liked nothing more than having some great food and a few drinks. That's not what made it for me... More »

Funny that i was in on the 4th of march aswell - review of Carbeth Inn by Brian grey

I and my fiancee were in on the 4th of march and I absolutely loved this place it is alot cleaner than I have seen it in the last 5 years uve been... More »

Carbeth New Management - review of Carbeth Inn by E Langlands

New Management trying hard, nice food, although not great atmposhere for very you kids, but lovely each time we have been recently.... More »

Menacing atmosphere - review of Carbeth Inn by Thomas

I can remember going to the Carbeth over 30 years ago, it was bustling then - with Scouts 'kerchiefs' hanging all around the place and many Scouts and Bikers hanging around the place... More »

Warm and inviting - review of Carbeth Inn by Harvey price

Just like jordans boobs !! Very friendly comfortable place to be a place you would always love to go back to especially on a cold winters day !! 10/10... More »

So Much Better - review of Carbeth Inn by W Wallace

I have to agree with the last person posting. This place has really improved. The cleanliness and decor is much better. As for the food, it was FAB!!! We both had the Haddock,... More »

The dogs bollaracks - review of Carbeth Inn by Mrs Thomson

Great amazing best ever are the words the come to mind I had the chilli lasagne it was totally top notch obviously the chef knows what he's doing nice fresh food and only... More »

Looking good again - review of Carbeth Inn by Folkie wokey

After new management took over i heard by word of mouth it had got worse ,which would be quite hard as the place had been getting run down for a while. The eating rooms... More »

Carbeth Inn - Under New Management - review of Carbeth Inn by Annabel Sharp

The Carbeth Inn was taken over in November 2010 by the the same landlord as the popular Blane Valley Inn, Strathblane. It has has considerable re-furb and opened for food on Boxing... More »

The Ghost who gave up. - review of Carbeth Inn by The Bailie's Ghost

Having had, like others happy memories of the old Halfway House (AKA the Carbeth Inn) I revisited it last week, July 2010, ref the comments of 08.& 09. it has dipped even below... More »

I agree.. food terrible - review of Carbeth Inn by John Souter

I also used to go to the Carbeth with my parents when I was younger.. what I can remember the food was great. Real tasty pub grub! I recently went back with my... More »

Deep fried steak - review of Carbeth Inn by Barry

Again i loved the great old bikers pub full of live bands great food alway had great staff and great food !!!!!! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE !!!! i had steak and i swear i... More »

Fab!! - review of Carbeth Inn by Carbeth Faithful

I think, having been a member of staff at the Carbeth Inn for a wee while now, that certain complaints are ridiculous. You must be deluded to expect perfection in an extremely old... More »

A real shame - review of Carbeth Inn by Watcher

The carbeth inn is a real shame. Beautiful surroundings and a great opportunity to be great. Unfortunatly it has become a real den and the food is disgusting. The manager should move... More »

Bull !!! - review of Carbeth Inn by Davie

The carbeth inn is still a great pub and the food still excellent keep it up graham. i suggest the complainer stays in the merchant city ! davie... More »

Awful? I agree........... - review of Carbeth Inn by Willie

The prices are also ridiculous. I paid more for a beer in the Carbeth Inn than I would in any pub in the Merchant City. Food is terrible. Such a shame as it... More »

Well I'd certainly go back! - review of Carbeth Inn by Miss Kent

It's a shame you didn't enjoy your experience there Mr. Hamilton but I have to say I completely disagree. I have been there a few times over the past couple of years with... More »

AWFUL! - review of Carbeth Inn by Mr Hamilton

I used to visit the Carbeth Inn twice a week some ten years ago, the food was always very good quality. I recently moved back to Glasgow and subsequently visited the Inn in July... More »

GERRY THE TALLY - review of Carbeth Inn by GERRY SAVELLI

I had the pleasure of working at the carbeth inn about 6yrs ago and had nothing but good memories about the place, good cheap food great staff& brilliant customers never a dull moment,... More »


Map showing Stockiemuir Road in Glasgow.